Conventional UT/PAUT/TOFD

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Thickness gauges (D meters), Flaw detectors, Phased array UT and TOFD instruments to tackle the most challenging applications.  Instruments for testing steel, alloys, composite material (CFRP), rubber, aluminum, titanium and other materials. Whether you are testing carbon steel piping for corrosion or erosion, circ seam or long seam weld examination, pipe to flange welds, Cat D welds, inspecting dissimilar metal welds, checking bond integrity in clad metal structures, validating repair and tie-in welds on pipelines, we have a solution for you.  We supply inspection tools to comply with most inspection code requirements.

Our manufacturers of conventional ultrasound, TOFD and phased array are using manual, encoded and motorized equipment complete with laser tracking and video recording to give you permanent records of your inspection data.  We offer digital thickness meters with large, bright screens and ergonomic form factor to reduce repetitive eye and wrist strain.  Simple, fast and easy to calibrate these meters will deliver stable, precise and consistent UT results.

We distribute instruments that utilize shear wave (angle beam), longitudinal wave (L-wave or straight beam), creep wave (ID or OD), azimuthal (sector scan), linear (E-scan electronic rastering), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), synthetic aperture focusing, TOFD through phased array, time reversal and full matrix capture techniques to solve inspection applications in oil and gas, aerospace, marine, power generation, military, pipelines, research and manufacturing.

Custom built or off the shelf transducers and cables are available for many frequencies, sizes and formats to satisfy even the most demanding of applications.  We offer standard single and dual crystal; membrane and wear surface; miniature and sub-miniature; high and low frequency; high temperature, narrow band, broad band and composite transducers.  BNC/Microdot/Lemo/UHF/Subvis cables are stocked in our warehouse.

Advanced technique probes and wedges, such as: mini TOFD, custom phased array, TRL Matrix Arrays, High Temperature Arrays, Flexible Arrays can address the toughest of applications are available upon request.