Phased-Array Probes

We offer two complete lines of inspection systems and probes which allow you to fully exploit the capabilities of PA UT and help you perform more efficient and reliable inspections.

A phased array probe consists of a series of piezo-composite elements, which can be excited independently one from the others.

By precisely controlling the time delays between the excitation of the individual elements, ultrasonic beams of various angles, focal distances and aperture can be transmitted in the inspection specimen.

ZETEC – Zetec’s standard probes are offered in two main configurations:

  • Azimuthal: Probes that are are optimized to produce multiple refracted beam angles.
  • Linear: Long transducers that are optimized for electronically moving the active aperture along the probe.

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e2Sense – Specialized Ultrasonic Sensors:

e2Sense introduces new ultrasonic transducers extending the measurement possibilities limited by traditional piezoelectric crystal technologies. Our unique piezoelectric sol-­‐gel deposition manufacturing technology* makes it now possible to produce flexible and thin ultrasonic transducers, capable of high temperature operation, with the possibility to deliver economical arrays.

  • Operation up to 500°C
  • Economical transducer arrays
  • Flexible: adapts to complex geometries
  • Thin packaging (< 3.0 mm) ‐ small foot print
  • Permanent installation ‐ continuous monitoring
e2Sense – Hi-Temp PA Probes
e2Sense – Hi-Temp PA Probes
The HTPA Series from e2Sense allows for continuous phased-­array ultrasonic testing at temperatures up to 200°C.
e2Sense – Flexible UT Sensors
e2Sense – Flexible UT Sensors
e2Sense ultrasonic transducers can adapt to various surface geometries, eliminating the need for costly mechanical adapters or customized packaging as required in many industrial applications.
e2Sense – ElbowScan
e2Sense – ElbowScan
The ES-­‐1020 ElbowScanTM allows encoded ultrasonic thickness measurements of carbon steel pipes with curved geometries.