e2Sense – ElbowScan

The ES-­‐1020 ElbowScanTM allows encoded ultrasonic thickness measurements of carbon steel pipes with curved geometries. It is perfectly suited for scanning the extrados of a pipe elbow where thinning is accelerated.

Based on our unique UTFlexTM sensor technology, the ES-­‐1020 can adapt to NPS 0.75 to NPS 2 pipe diameters.


  • Adapts to pipes diameters from 1.050 to 2.375 inches (26.67 to 60.325 mm)
  • Various flexible delay line
  • 32 mm circumferential coverage
  • Spring loaded linear encoder


Pipe diameter range (inches/mm) 1.050 to 2.375 / 26.67 to 60.325
Ultrasonic sensors
   Number of elements 32
   Resolution (mm) 1
   Element width (mm) 5
   Operating frequency (MHz) 5.0, 7.5 or 10.0
   Bandwidth (%) > 50
   Delay line thickness (mm) 1, 2 or 3
Cable length (m) 3
Connector Hypertronics


Manual scanning of the extrados of a NPS 2 pipe elbow

e2Sense Elbow Sensor - NPS 2 - APIWELL Group



Manual scanning of the straight section and elbow extrados of a NPS 0.75 pipe

ES-1020 ElbowScan - NPS 0.75 - APIWELL Group



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