The IBAK NANO Camera is the smallest pan/rotate camera in the IBAK portfolio and is therefore, so to speak, the smaller sister to ORION and POLARIS. It can be operated in pipes with diameters as small as 80 mm upwards.

Any desired viewing direction is reached most rapidly under microprocessor control by the pan/rotate head. The NANO can rotate endlessly around its own axis. The pan function permits a view in all directions, automatic rotation to inspect pipe joints and a view to the rear into laterals. The NANO generates an erect image in axial direction thanks to the UPC function (upright picture control).

With its slim diameter of 47 mm, the camera can be operated with all IBAK push rod systems, camera tractors and LISY systems and has full bend-passing capability. It can be ordered as of now as a single camera head or in combination with a MiniLite push rod system.

IBAK NANO mounted on IBAK T66 - APIWELL GROUPIBAK - NANO - Mounted on a Push Rod

Technical data

Product classification Pan and tilt camera
Inspection range DN 80 and up
Dimensions ø 47 mm / length 84 mm
Zoom no
F (shutter) 2
f (focal length) (mm) 3,8
Lighting 4 white Power-LEDs
Automatic return to zero function yes
Light sensitivity (lux) 0,025 lux (F 1.2, 1/50 s)
Luminous intensity (lumen) 390 lm
Protection class IP 68
Permissible ambient temperature C – +40°C during operation; -30°C – +70°C for storage
Test pressure 1,0 bar
Pressure monitoring 2 integrated pressure sensors (LCD indicator and acoustic alarm in the control unit)
Aperture function Fixed shutter, electronic shutter with remote control
Panning range +/-120°
Viewing range +/-150°
Angle of aperture approx. 68° diagonally
Angle of rotation Continuous
Focus function / range manually 1 cm – ∞, remote-controlled in endless operation
Sensor (inch) 1/4“
TV standard NTSC or PAL
Horizontal image resolution 420 Lines PAL
Integrated laser ja
Integrated detector trans­withter yes, frequency range 33 kHz, switchable
Explosion protection optional
Bending device no
Weight approx. 320 g
Push operation yes
Tractor operation yes
Upright picture control yes
Bend capability 87° DN 80 and up
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