Magnaflux ZB 150 F SB – Black Light

The Magnaflux ZB-150F-SB7 Self-Ballasted UV Black Light offers the same outstanding performance as our popular ZB-100F7 fan cooled UV black light but is self-ballasted to avoid the need to pull along a transformer as inspections are being performed.

  • No bulky transformer to pull along
  • Cool running for increased safety and comfort
  • Extended bulb life for greater operating efficiency
  • Polycarbonate bezel shields operator hands from lens
  • Recessed lens for improved bulb protection
  • Rugged aluminum housing assures years of NDT inspection performance

General Specifications:

  • Weight – Hand lamp 2.7lbs. (1.22kg)
  • Typical Output – 5000μW/cm2
  • Current Draw – 1.9 amps
  • Typical Visible Light – 10 Lux or 1 ft. candle @ 15” (38cm)
  • Bulb- 150 Watt
  • Running Temperature – 85oF (30oC)
  • Cord Length – 10ft. (3.05m) lamp to transformer
  • Main Cable Supply – 12ft. (3.05m) lamp to transformer

Specification Compliance: Industry and Military Standards @ 15” (38cm).


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