PK Mag 50 – FS Inspection

The PK Mag® 50 Portable Inspection Device offers high-definition magnification in a convenient and efficient 10.5 ounce package. With a 5-inch LCD display and prominent push-button controls, it is easy for operators to learn and use – no need to hunch over and peer into eyepieces. The PK Mag 50 can be carried to wherever it is needed to instantly inspect items from almost any angle without eyestrain.

Built-in LED lighting highlights the object for viewing, or lighting can be turned off to inspect glossy surfaces. A built-in stand provides hands-free use on a table, while the two-position flip-out handle makes it easy to inspect larger items and vertical surfaces.

  1. Real-time video inspection
  2. LED lighting
  3. Intuitive and easy-to-use controls
  4. Color modes to enhance details


Brilliant Image Quality

The PK Mag’s advanced technology and sleek design integrate a high-definition camera and LCD display to offer sharp images at all magnification levels.

Portable and Easy to Use

Prominent, push-button controls are simple and intuitive. Convenient portability for inspecting objects that cannot be moved, or are in tight spaces.

Superior Collaboration

Share images for easy collaboration on-screen, or easily save and share using USB connection.


  1. Real-time video inspection
  2. Brilliant, HD image quality
  3. Sleek, industrial inspection station reduces eye, neck, and back strain
  4. Smartly designed controls are easy to use and intuitive
5.44 in x 3.45 in x 0.78 in / 13.8 cm x 8.8 cm x 2 cm
5 in (12.7 cm) widescreen LCD, 16:9 aspect ratio
Magnification range
2x to 14xStorage
100 MB, .BMP or .PNG format
Charger, USB cable
Carry case, wrist strap
10.5 oz/300 g
USB port (micro)
5 megapixel auto-focus
Lithium-ion polymer battery
3 hours of continuous use
Charges in 3 hours
  • Download PDF FilePK Mag 50 Flyer

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