Ultravision 3D Inspection Package – ZETEC

Efficient UT Inspection in a 3D Environment

Zetec’s UltraVision 3 software manages ultrasonic (UT) signal acquisition, displays real-time imaging of these signals, and provides online as well as offline data analysis. UltraVision offers many advanced features and tools that improve the efficiency of UT inspections.

The UltraVision 3 software drives all Zetec’s in-house phased array UT and conventional UT systems. In data analysis mode it supports legacy file formats (DAT, RDT, OPD and OUD) in addition to the new UVData and BeamData formats. The look-and-feel of UltraVision 3 will be very familiar for the seasoned UltraVision 1 user. The integrated 3D work environment allows you to create your actual inspection configuration in UltraVision 3, and perform ray tracing with coverage mapping to determine your detection capability and inspection coverage.

The 3D data analysis features include visualization of the inspection data in the actual component, detection of suspected indications as well as the discrimination between actual flaw indications and signals originating from component geometry and weld structure. UltraVision 3 measures length and through-wall size of flaws. Inspection parameters and results are delivered in a comprehensive report format.

All system operations have a similar interface that eliminates additional training when operators switch from one acquisition unit to another.

An ideal tool for either on-site inspections or lab work, it operates with Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows 7. UltraVision 3 requires a powerful laptop or a high-end desktop workstations. It can handle large data files with 16–bit amplitude resolution, up to 20 GB.

PC based software – Operates efficiently on powerful laptops as well as high-end desktops, under various Windows® operating systems

  • Designed for performance – Supports a wide variety of advanced phased array UT methodologies, in addition to conventional UT
  • 3D work environment – Phased array probe and inspection technique development, inspection capability assessment, data visualization in realistic geometry
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – Allows advanced users to implement their own features
  • Reliable and secure – User rights access management, raw data protection, software operation log
  • 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions available
Ultra Vision
Touch™ Viewer
Ultra Vision Touch™ Ultra Vision 3
Version License Basic Advan 3D
Specimen and Overlay Management
Support of basic geometries with automatic overlays
Configurable predifined specimen bank (flat and pipe with or without welds)
Predifined Weld shapes: V,X, Modified V, J and K
Manual import of DXF overlay
Support of complex geometries with manual overlays
Configurable predifined specimen bank (connecting pipes, cruciform, T, L joints…)
Custom specimen load (SAT) *
Specimen generator from scanned profile(from mechanical profile gage)
Manual specimen creation tool
Import EzBeam tool closed form (piece polygon) and extrud it to generate a custom specimen
Scanner creation tool
3D ray-tracing with postulated defects (Specular reflection tool)
Angle optimization for specular reflection on complexe geometry
TTT, LLT,…. Configuration simulation tool for postulated defects
Saddle Weld automatic skew compensation (nozzle to shell)
Under wedge liquid gap compensation tool
Advanced Focal Law Calculator
One commun calculator for the entire ZETEC UT portfolio
Probe, wedge, material database
Graphical feedback on focal law generation
Focal law calculation (1D)
Focal law calculation (2D)
Support of Flat and cylindrical geometries including welds
Focal law calculation for custom arrays
Conventional TOFD
PA Pulse echo
Pitch catch
Tandem mono probe
Tandem dual probe
Focal law calculation on flat, cylindrical
Focal law calculation on flat, cylindrical and complexe surface
Swipe sectorial and linear
Swipe sectorial, linear and depth
DDF support
Generate and load LAW files
Load LAW files
Flexible probes support
Probe Design
1D linear probe design support
1D linear , 2D Matrix probe design support
1D linear , 2D Matrix and custom probe design support
Theoretical beam information exit and focal points X,Y and Z
Theoretical refracted and inside wedge steering angles
Theoretical nearfield depth
Full control of element delays and activation
Parametered wedge CAD export funtion
3D Acoustic beam simulation with slicing cursors
Simulated beam information exit and focal points X,Y and Z
Simulated refracted and inside angles
Simulated accoustic field at -6dB
Custom array probe tool
Import xml file for custum probe definiion
1D and 2D flexible array and custom contoured wedges
Setup Building
Self diagnostic for TOPAZ, ZIRCON and DYNARAY
Automatic probe detection
User rights
Color Pallete editor
UT settings
PRF optimization
Parallele operation – Zscan UT
Full gain control (down to individual element)
Up to 7 HW gates + differential gates (combinations)
Homing gates
Linear or log amplification
Mechnical settings
Single point (free running), one line scan, bi-directional, unidirectition, helicoidal, polar sequences
Can be slaved (encoder feedback) or controled (ZMC2 and ZMC4)
Differencial or quatrure encoders
View layout and customization
Sectorial, scrolling, Volume corrected (B,C and D), Polar, A-Scan, FFT, 3D
Amplidute and Time of fligth C-scan
Predifined custom Layout management
View properties customization (envelop, smoothing,units, overlays, links between views…)
No channel (groups) limitation
Calibration tools
Encoder, TOFD (time of flight and velocity), PA Wedge delay, sensitivity, TCG, Element check for multi channels
Calibration block definition
Calibration check report generation
Data Acquisition
Elementary a-scan capture
Position dependant focal law
8, 12 or 16 bits
Datafile size up to 20GB
A-scan length up to 256000 points per A-scan
Firing sequencing
Motion controler (ZMC2, ZMC$, MCDU)
Acquisition start, pause stop from external input
Analogical entries digitation
Real time merged views
Conversion from cartesian to polar to custom axle system
A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, FFT. Uncorreced, corrected, Merged, TOFD views
Load predifined layout
UT, mechanichal parameters review
Information fields
Analysis Support
Customized info filed with dynamic link to excel to perform specific calculations
Echo dynamic sizing
Slicing cursors
Manual contour sizing
File management
Export data to text file
TOF distribution histogram (Thk measurement)
Processing tools
Surface of interrest measurement inside contour
Automatic Dropsizing tool of indication inside contour
Assisted analysis tool – Screen automatically entire file and indicate area of interest based on specific criterions
Merge or split files
Indication Plotting and rendering 3D (synchronization of A-scan, 2D and 3D data)
C-scans processing (merge,volumetric merge, smoothing, software C-scan)
Software beam summation
Log to Lin and Lin to Log correction
Hysteresis correction
Geometric echo removal
TOFD Processing (LW Synchronization, LW Removal, SAFT)
2D specimen overlay in Top, Side and End views
Define user info fields
Actions log file
Indication table
Export indication table to text file
Reporting tool and indication
Sceen capture tool

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