Dynaray Lite Phased Array UT – ZETEC

All the Performance,
Half the Size

Zetec’s innovative DYNARAY systems has completely redefined the potential of phased array UT technology. The DYNARAY Lite, the newest addition the DYNARAY product line, offers the same powerful phased array UT characteristics in a smaller, lighter package.

The DYNARAY® Lite is a light weight (30 lbs / 13.5 Kg) 64/64 PR system that can drive low frequency probes, down to 0.5 MHz, and probes up to 20 MHz with a pulser voltage up to 200 Volts. With the same raw processing power as the DYNARAY®, the system can dynamically adapt focal laws to conduct inspection on complex surfaces. With the capacity of generating 20 GB data files with 16-bit amplitude resolution, no inspection is too challenging.

The new UltraVision® 3 software drives the DYNARAY Lite system with advanced data acquisition and analysis functions. The software offers a 3-D work environment, including the creation of components and visualization of examination data. UltraVision® 3 can also generate optimized acoustic beams through complex inspection surfaces. Any desktop or laptop PC with at least a 2-GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM and a high-speed (1 Gb/s) Ethernet link can be used to control Zetec’s DYNARAY® Lite. Higher PC specifications may be required to fully exploit some of the advanced features. In particular, a high performance HDD is strongly recommended to keep up with the high data throughput capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter Weight – All the high performance characteristics of the DYNARAY® product line in lighter weight package: 30 Lbs (13.5 kg)
  • 64/64 PR – Up to 64 simultaneously active elements, and up to 64 channels in total
  • Flexible Inspection Setup – Up to 4,096 different focal laws with Position Dependent configuration for superior inspection quality on complex surfaces
  • 3-D Work Environment – Controlled by UltraVision® 3, offering 3-D work environment for creation of components and data visualization
  • Speed Counts – High data throughput, up to 20 MB/s
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