The MIZ®-200 portable eddy current instrument for tubing and surface inspections is the latest innovation from Zetec. It has been specifically designed for balance-of-plant (BOP) / power generation and oil & gas applications. Developed for demanding inspection environments, the MIZ-200 provides enhanced capability in a compact, rugged, and sealed unit.

Rugged and Portable

The MIZ-200 is as tough as the inspection environment, but easy on your back with its lightweight and portable size.

You’ll notice the MIZ-200 from Zetec is tough right out of the box. The rugged cast aluminum case is designed to withstand the bumps and drops that inevitably happen in inspection environments. The sealed and fan-less unit will withstand dust and water. This means more confidence for you and less replacement cost for your organization.

Tough Exterior

The MIZ-200 uses the cast aluminum case also used in our ZIRCON product and is the toughest in the industry.


The MIZ-200 is sealed and fan-less. With no moving parts or exposed openings, it is impervious to ingress of dust and water.  The unit may be powered from AC mains or from long life, hot swappable lithium-ion batteries.

Protected Interior
  • Shock & Vibe tested to MIL-STD-810E
  • Drop Test to ISTA 1G
Convenient Size
  • Dimensions: 4.2″ H x 11.7″ L x 12.8″ W
  • Volume = 629 cu in
  • Light Weight: < 15 lbs / 7Kg
Case Detail

The rubber corner bumpers also serve as convenient handles. They are easily gripped with a bare or gloved hand. Each corner also has integrated carry pins that can be used to affix a shoulder strap or carry handle. The ribs on the case serve as cooling fins for the sealed and fan-less unit. They also add to the structural integrity of the rugged case.

Enhanced Capability

The MIZ-200 boasts improvements over competitive products and includes new features in one highly capable eddy current instrument.

The MIZ-200 from Zetec® is designed for demanding inspection environments and provides enhanced capability in a compact, rugged, sealed unit.

  • More versatility – inspect greater variety of materials and thinner materials
  • Greater confidence – improve the probability of detection
  • Future proof – utilize and take advantage of new probe technology
Improved Electronics
  • Improved signal processing with larger frequency range
  • Large Frequency range: 5hz – 4Mhz (8 channels)
  • Multi status display keeps you informed of battery status, internet connectivity, and maintenance messages  
Large Surface Array
  • Internal programmable eddy current surface array multiplexer
  • Support for eddy current surface array: 64 & 128 elements
Wide Range of Probe Support
  • French Probe support
  • CXB and X-Probe support
  • Built-in Rotating Probe control
  • Built-in Low Voltage RFT support
  • RFT Array: 8 Absolute & 8 Differential channels
Built-in Probe Pusher Control

All MIZ-200 models provide control for High Speed 3D & 10D probe pushers.

  • Interface to the 3D probe pusher requires power supply
  • Interface to the 10D probe pusher requires External Control Module + power supply

Innovation and Evolution

Borrowing from our best in class products the MIZ- 200 is our latest and best foot forward.

Proven on ZIRCON
  • Enclosure
  • Batteries and battery charging
  • CPU board
  • AC-to-DC power adapter
Proven on MIZ-85
  • MRPC
  • Encoders
  • Amplifiers for French probes
  • Current source for French probes
  • Pusher control
The MIZ-200 Includes New Technology Innovations
  • Improved signal processing
  • Large frequency range
  • Built-in programmable multiplexer for Eddy Current Surface Array

Tube Configuration

Model MIZ-200 supports:
  • Tube Array Probes (CXB/X Probe)
  • French Probes
  • Rotating Probes
  • Bobbin Probes
  • AC3 Probes
  • NFT
  • RFT Low Voltage
  • RFT High Voltage (requires external amp)
  • RFT Array: 8 Absolute & 8 Differential channels

Surface Array Configuration

Model MIZ-200A supports Tube Configuration plus:
  • Large Element Array
  • 64 or 128 elements
  • Internal Programmable Multiplexer
  • Download PDF FileMIZ-200 Data Sheet

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