The most powerful handheld eddy current tester on the market.

The MIZ-21B offers all of the technology, packaging, and user interface enhancements of the MIZ-21SR. It incorporates the power of dual-frequency testing, digital conductivity testing, and nonconductive coating thickness measurement. Its industry standard 50-ohm probe drive provides the optimum balance between probe input and instrument output. Yet it’s priced to provide excellent value when you need a dedicated eddy current instrument.

Key Features:

  • Multiple display modes offer more ways to see flaws.
    The MIZ-21B has seven different 
    eddy current data display modes.
  1. Choose XY Impedance Plane, Bar Graph, Triggered Sweep, Auto Sweep (slow or fast), C-scan, and digital conductivity.
  2. For rapid analysis, the dual display feature can present signals side-by-side in sweep and XY modes. Or, you can view a reference signal and a live test signal simultaneously.
  3. Dual-frequency mixing capability suppresses undesirable variables to let you more easily identify and size flaws.
  4. Digitally mark up to 10 display points on the screen. Signal size is identified as a percent of screen height using the ruler on the electronic graticule.
  5. The 8-second buffer enhances analysis. Display the buffer as a strip chart, then scroll through the data to select areas of interest for more in-depth review. Using a rotating scanner, you can display buffered data as a C-scan display.
  • Automatic features save you time and the MIZ-21B can store and recall up to 50 test configurations.
  • Enhanced technology for better flaw detection and faster inspections
  • The MIZ-21B’s wide frequency range (50 Hz to 8 MHz) supports a wide variety of
    inspection applications.
  • Flexible probe support for eddy current testing, bond testing and conductivity testing
  • Lightweight, rugged package
  • Long-life NiMH batteries offer twice the energy performance of NiCDs
  • The high quality display in handhelds with a 240×320 pixel LCD
  • PC interface expands tester capabilities

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