ZETEC – Quartz

QuartZ is the latest member of Zetec’s Ultrasonic Instruments product family. It is designed for the harsh industrial environments and is the answer to meeting the requirements of complex and high speed inspections.

QuartZ speed and robustness combined with UltraVision legendary power and Software Development Kit (SDK) flexibility offer the perfect solution for creating custom inspection solutions.

Parallel firing capability

QuartZ supports 32:128 or 2×16:64 configurations for two simultaneous apertures on one or two probes.

Integrated probe splitter

For connecting two Phased Array probes without any additional accessories.

High Power Phased Array channels

QuartZ incorporates real 100V pulser for the Phased Array channels. Ideal for the inspection of very thick or difficult to penetrate materials.

Two powerful conventional UT channels

A full inspection configuration of two PA probes and two UT probes only needs one simple instrument.

High data throughput

QuartZ can deliver up to 30MB/s of data throughput making the difference for demanding applications.


Up to 10 QuartZ units in parallel controlled by the same UltraVision – almost no inspection configuration is too big.

Easy Integration

Designed for integration, multiple QuartZ units can be synchronized in a simple cable configuration. Changing from table top to 19’’ rack mount configuration is as simple as adding the included mounting brackets.

Automatic probe detection

When using Zetec probes, QuartZ automatically detects the probe(s) the probes connected ensuring using the right probe and simplifying traceability up the reporting process.

Made tough for tough environments

QuartZ can be installed close to the probes, reducing cable length. No air conditioning is needed saving in project complexity and installation costs.

UltraVision 3 ® Controlled

UltraVision 3 allows performing all activities needed in an inspection process within the same package. From designing the probe and modelling the acoustic field to defining the specimen, parts to inspect and scan plan or calibration, inspection, analysis and reporting. All-in-one seamless integrated package.

Time Reversal Support

Time Reversal allows inspecting complex geometry changing surfaces of composites materials reducing the complexity of the mechanical scanners.


Metal manufacturing requires providing high-quality parts for a very large range of applications. Cycle time minimization is critical for the optimisation of production rates.

QuartZ and its scalability allow creating the right inspection solution for the inspection of tube and pipes, plates or forgings.


Increasing use of composite parts that have complex and variable geometries.
Time Reversal is a real-time and adaptive technique that does not require knowledge of detailed component profile.

QuartZ and Time Reversal simplify the inspection process of complex composite parts for rapid and reliable PAUT inspections without the need of complex surface following mechanics or previous knowledge the exact part shape.


Transportation industry is especially concerned by security. Train wheels, axles and rails need to be inspected at manufacturing or at regular intervals.


Phased Array Channels 32:128 PR
PA Firing Modes Up to 32 consecutive elements. Up to two apertures of 16 consecutive elements
Phased Array Connector 2 x ZPAC connector (custom ZIF with latch). Allows connecting 2 probes without splitter. Automatic probe recognitions (with Zetec probes).
UT Channels 2 channels (in Pulse/Echo or Pitch/Catch configurations


Pulse width 25 ns to 500 ns
Pulse amplitude PA (at 50Ω) 35 V to 100 V
Pulse amplitude UT (at 50Ω) 50 V to 200 V

Data Acquisition

A-scan length Up to 16,384 points
Maximum number of focal laws 1024
Real-time averaging 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16
Compression 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16
PRF Up to 20 kHz
Parallel Firing 2 beams
Maximum number of samples 16384
Measurement Gates 4 gates + 1 synchronization gate
Data throughput Up to 30 MB/s
Maximum data file 20 GB
Digitizing frequency 25 MHz, 50 MHz or 100 MHz
Bandwidth (at -3 dB) 500 kHz to 18 MHz
Summed data amplitude resolution 16 bits
Filters Analog / Digital band-pass, high-pass and low-pass
Gain setting range PA 70 dB (analog) + 30 dB (digital)
Gain setting range UT 70 dB (analog) + 24 dB (digital)


Data Interfaces Ethernet 1000 Base-T
Encoder 2 axes (quadrature, clock direction)


Size (H × W × D) 420x490x90mm (16.5 x 19.3 x 3.5 in)
Weight 8.34 Kg
Air Intake No

General specifications

Voltage 120 VAC or 240 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Maximum power 75 VA
ZETEC Quartz - Front

ZETEC – Quartz – Front View

ZETEC Quartz - Back View

ZETEC – Quartz – Rear View

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